It had been 10 years, what an experience!
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It had been 10 years, what an experience!

My experience in art therapy

Saturday morning I was in Lecce, in a giant room, I was in and I didn't know what I was in for!
At least a dozen years had passed since the last time I had the chance to know me. Or rather, to shape me. To pull out, unexpected my figure.

A cold stick of das, new, unwrapped … that the only smell you time machine transported ways worked in resolutions passed, to be rediscovered.

In the room with me, as well as other experimented with me. Each chose his seat, its space. There was to choose a bandage to be put before my eyes and I felt elated at the thought of creating without conditionings!
I had great desire to discover me pulling out my figure and it was also a lot of the desire to be alone, with eyes closed and build, with my eyes closed. Just a nice joint!

On the sidelines, then, a little further away from the group, I'm starting to make friends with the das, beginning to pick us up.
I quickly explained to myself, while I knew that I would not have broken hands, I unplugged the dough into pieces and then join them as I was better, I would have respected as it was, starting from him.

I wanted to open, roll out that dough as much as possible, I wanted to open, which is explained.
So like a bird spreads its wings to fly, he explains, so felt that stick. Opening up would explain. Would help me get close to myself. After you create a base, which in the end looked like a hieroglyphic table, I leaned, tracing my boundaries. It was unforgettable.



Finally the result, my success!

And it was there, that I finally rediscovered! I experienced the wonder, even if for a little! Too little for me!
I look forward to remake this great experience, now fervently look this date!

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